Pictured here are the instruments I currently use to produce my songs. After many years of playing cheap make do instruments. I decided to buy the best and get professional advice on choosing them so this is the line up. People have often said you cant play them all at once but to have a library of sounds is very useful.

The Maton 75th Anniversary Dreadnaught is an amazingly clear instrument that has two electronic microphones which can be adjusted to pick up the most amazing clarity, ambience and tone.

The Fender "Tony Franklin" Fretted Precision BassĀ® is a modern tailored bass that suits all styles which plays 4 strings and has 3 pickups for playing Jazz and Precision styles

The Fender Thin Telecaster is a classic lead that has a soft noiseless tone, a gentle and fast action and a completely solid controlled feel. Amazing feeling of clarity and precision.

The Celebrity by Ovation is a very clean and tuneful instrument. Strung it with extra light strings it produces a sound more like a crisp harp.

Roland FP 80 Digital Stage Piano. A dream come true for me. Plays the purest of sounds, has amazing effects and produces rhythm. I favour the Piano and Pad mix which produces a strong rock bass sound and light and accoustic high end sound with a beautiful tail away effect. Originially I had in mind to use it as a midi based instrument... but has turned into a beautiful live analogue instrument.

The Behringer XENYX 2222FX Mixer is a necessary addition to the team. It features 16 taylored effects which are very controllable

I have also recently added an Alesis Drum Machine as well with pads so it can be played rythmically like a drum, which I much prefer rather than programmed.

stay tuned for more

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