the magic of music

It’s a funny thing.

You start by fiddling around with a few notes. The music seems to happen by itself. It’s addictive and it seems to form easily and effortlessly — its enormously enjoyable and when you find a sound you love, it's really hard to move on to something else sometimes… when you find something that sounds memorable and beautiful, you just want to keep playing it over and over.

My special place

The love of Music doesn’t ever get tired. Over time I have tired of painting or wood working and physical activity. but playing and producing music is entirely unique. Music changes with one’s mood and feelings. So it often feels new and different. If you play in the dark, or close your eyes, the music takes you away into a totally different place.

A re-awakening

I hadn't realised how important the music was until I lost it gradually over time… and then in a moment it suddenly returned with an enormous burst of energy... finding music again was one of the best moments in my life.

Around 10 years ago I experienced the slow death of my kidneys and eventually after four years became totally reliant on the dialysis of my blood, to filter out impurities. The blood was never fully clean and the impurities left me feeling exhausted all the time with absolutely no energy to do anything. I felt literally like just lying down and sleeping. In 2017 after a huge heart operation to unblock my arteries, I was allowed to go on the list for kidney replacement and after about a year and a half of dialysis a donor was found and my two dead kidneys were replaced with one from someone deceased.

Although the kidney was damaged in the 6 hour journey from Canberra into me it offered a new lease of life. Until I received the kidney I had no idea of how far down my system had fallen. The new kidney brought a huge burst of energy which lasted for hours. I could pick up a camera again but more importantly I could resume playing music. Life resumed like never before.

Musical moments

I stayed up into the evening and played and sang. In a few short months I had written over 13 pieces of music both songs and instrumentals. The songs were divers and no two were similar. It was a time of huge joy, discovery and learning. In the excitement I developed a logo for my new music, an album, a lyrics booklet a new t-shirt design and a website. It felt awesome. After taking time to review the process and to listen to what I had created, I noticed sound that was left in the recordings and imperfections which I felt might be fixable with better equipment.

I went out and bought a better recording mixer, headphones, microphones, two more guitars and a keyboard synthesizer. These were top of the line instruments that were amazing to play and a joy to use. Eventually the urge of writing music stopped and replaced with the desire to just simply play music on all these amazing instruments.

So what's next 

There is no definitive plan. I have recently met up with Chris, a friend from some years back. Chris is a natural guitarist and a bass player,  a very talented musician that has played in bands and played professionally. He has immediately opened my eyes to some new possibilities introducing me to the magical sound of the electric guitar in all its facets and seems as excited on me to embark on continuing this journey of musical discover and hopefully rekindle the joy of writing songs as well. 

some new songs

The Way I Do

The song "The Way I Do" is a song written the way they wrote songs when The Beatles were around.

Technology has allowed me to over dub all the parts so it turns out I'm a drummer, a keyboard player, a guitarist and both a lead singer and a backup singer. This song is very much my pride and joy. I always intended to record it better but I just haven't got around to it.

Why not have a listen on soundcloud and let me know what you think.

Hey Hey

"Hey Hey" is a song rock song with a slightly faster feel than I'm used to. It's a little raw and perhaps that's what is best about it.

This song too less than 2 hours to write, but took over a week to learn to play properly and in the end it still had issues. Another song I wanted to return to and eventually attempt to perfect.

The Greatest Dad of All

This song was originated after a phone call I had from a really good friend who had just lost his father (his best friend)

It was very simple and took just a few hours to write but I would have to say it is one of my favorite songs

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