My first album called LOVE.

It is a multi dimensional album based on different popular genres of music from slow, pop, jazz, bluesy, gentle, fast, harmonising, all songs were written and performed by me.

The LOVE album is based on different aspects of love from a simple but beautiful Lullaby (something I always wanted to write) to a tribute to fathers to ballad type love songs through to beatles type pop/rock songs. It is a tribute to the people I love and the people they love.

I hope you enjoy it. A downloadable LYRIC BOOKLET is available at the bottom of this page also check the tracks out on the menu item above  songs. I hope you enjoy.

LOVE Lyrics Booklet

The Lyrics Booklet offers a bit more information on what is in the LOVE album it will also enable you to follow along with the songs and offer you a good impression of the feelings expressed in the making of the songs and the instrumental tracks.

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